Saturday, April 17, 2010



People ask me all the time, what kind of skin care products do you use. I always get comment's on, what do you do, or use your skin is so perfect. So I would like to share with all of you, my beauty secrets. These are the products I use every day:

Jag far manga forfragningar om vad jag anvander for skonhets produkter. Jag hor standigt vad fin hy du har, vad gor du? Sa nu ska jag dela med mig mina
skonhetsknep ;) Dessa produkter anvander jag dagligen:

First its important how you clean your face. I use Dermabrasion 3 times/week, to deep clean and remove dead skin cells.

Follow up with Intral Toner

Then I use Stimulskin Plus, it's a rejuvenating Lifting Serum

Followed by Chamomile Aromatic Care, only 3 drops.

On my eyes I start with Eye Serum, it's good for dark Circles and De-puffing
on top of that i will use Arovita Eye and Lip Contour Gel( it's smells so good)

I finish of with Divine Lifting Creme

Today's Wisdom:

"Having their own way is one of the greatest comforts of life to old people....
When they have long lived in a house, it becomes natural to them; they are almost as closely connected with it as the tortoise with his shell; they die, if you tear them out of it; old folks and old trees, if you remove them, it is ten to one that you kill them.


  1. Thank you so much for this information about Darphin!
    I've taken notes, time to go get those wonderful products so I can shine like you Anna!

  2. *Hej Anna*

    Hoppas du mår väl

    Ha en underbar dag

    Kram *AB*

  3. Det är så skönt med skönhetsprodukter! tack för tipsen Anna <3