Sunday, October 31, 2010


How tissue engineering and new kind of steam cell can help the body rebuild itself!

Cancer victims with breast mutilated by surgery- as well as women who are simply unhappy with their natural assets- can now grow a new and improved pair, with raw materials harvested from their own body fat.

In 2009, women forked over $964 million to plastic surgeons for breast augmentation, which edges out nose jobs as the most commonly performed plastic surgery in the US.
And despite the improvements in silicone implants, they're still vulnerable to ruptures and may eventually need to be replaced. Breast they are a point of obsession. In every era, a whole lot of women are convinced they have the wrong kind!

Cytori's process for reconstructing or augmenting breast relies on the recent discovery that human fat contains a amazing concentration of stem cells- cells that can be separated out using a centrifuge. That's the science part. The artistry comes in when the surgeon makes tiny incisions for depositing the enriched fat cells, building a breast one dot-sized injection at a time like a 3-D pointillist.

But it can take eight hours to do two breasts- eight hours bringing one droplet after another to the breast. It's sculpting, and not everyone can be a sculptor!

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"The closest anyone ever comes to perfection is on a job application form"

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  1. wow! that would be the ultimate, for those who wants new breasts, without a "plastic object" in their body. My only guess is that this must be expensive? or is it the same as a " regular boob-job"?
    is it only in the states they perform that kind of surgery, or in sweden also?
    is the results long-lasting or do one have to do it again after a few years?
    have a nice week!

  2. Hej Anna!

    Jag skickade ett meddelande till dig på Facebook. Skulle vara toppen om du svarade mig.

    / Camilla

  3. Hej Anna Anka,vill mest säga att jag såg ditt leende precis på tv..du är verkligen den mest vackra sensuella person jag har sett!Helt underbar personlighet verkar du besitta!
    Kram Jimmy Malmö