Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hair Zone

First I would like to thank Jon Inge @ Hair Zone
for taking care and make my hair beautiful ;)
I love your cozy place with the green tea and the cookies :)

Went to TV2 for my showing of my Tango for Saturday.
This one I am really looking forward doing!
Tango really brings out the woman in me ;)

Went with GJ to a great salads place.
On our way back I saved him from getting a ticket :)

Danced 4 hours @ the studio. If I had my choice I would still be there!

Elli & Ethan Mamma Love & Miss You

Today's Wisdom:

"We must NOT waith for things to come, believing that they are decided
by irrescindable destiny. If we want it, we must do something about it"

Love Always Anna Anka

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  1. Stemte på deg i kveld:) Du var kveldens beste danser <3 LUV