Thursday, September 1, 2011


What a day today, woke up early to dance :) my waltz is going great :)
GJ is doing a great jobb teaching me! Helen loved today's dance ;)

Rushed back to the hotel to change, ran to TV2 for filming.
Today they really tested my skills singing and acting, can't say
more then that, it will be a surprise!

Went to my foodstore "Meny" got my nic nacs.

Life here on earth is full of paradox. We are all endlessly
rising to impossible challanges, spending much of our time trying
to see some logic in all the nonsense. This is a crazy place,
and the maddest people of all are the ones who think they are sane.
They are often the ones who come up with ridiculous rules
we all must abide by. Do what you know will work,
and don't worry about why it works.

Elli & Ethan Mamma Love & Miss You

Today's Wisdom:

"Life's two most important questions are "WHY"? and "WHY NOT"

Love Always Anna Anka

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