Saturday, September 7, 2013

One Day

After reflecting  on these past years and your continued antics and false accusations I have come to realize that poor souls like you, seldom improve when they have no other models but themselves to copy after! Obviously you are on a mission of destructions....

Good luck, I am not available and refuse to play the game!

Your paranoia has you out of control, your occupation and hobby fraught by your jealousy
has you making wrong decisions in life! Little reminder every action has a consequence....

I have told you before and I repeat:
"One day if you ever find yourself, you are going to be very disappointed" you claim to be so
religious, when in fact you will never put your sins behind you until you face them!

Today's Wisdom:

"As a wicked man you are a complete failure! To think you have never done anything wrong in the whole course of your life" God Bless You.

Love always Anna Anka

Friday, August 30, 2013

How I feel about you..

Let's agree to disagree!

Being as opinionated as you... you probably argue with yourself over everything!

You can be utterly convinced that YOUR view is the correct one and still see merit
in your opponent's argument.

Instead of using language for learning and growth you use language for justification
and rationalization.

You are not my favorite mistake... you are just a simple regret!
I thought I knew Who you were? but watch me how fast and watch how well I forget.

I don't hate you... I never could! Being a dick to me isn't going to make yours bigger....
I just stopped showing I loved you that's all ;)

Today's Wisdom:

"If you understand or if you don't. If you believe or if you doubt.
There is a universal justice...The eyes of Truth are always watching you"

Love always Anna Anka

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blaming others

We are all guilty of doing it!

Truth is parents, older siblings, friends, teachers, bosses will have all played a role in helping
to develop your insecurities and idiosyncrasies!
To accept responsibility for how you respond to your circumstances is more of a
challenge and requires courage....

In my belief system nobody is RIGHT and nobody is WRONG!
When people having trouble the root of the dilemma is due to the differences
in their belief systems!

The ideal resolution solution is achieved when both parties are willing to approach
the situation with an open mind to hearing out the others thoughts on the matter...

I do not mean just pretending to listen when really all you are doing is waiting
for the other person to finish talking so you can have your turn because you are hell
bent on beating your ideas into them until you achieve submission!!!
Consider what the person is trying to convey to you about how they view the situation
by truly seeing it through their eyes. when you are able to do this then it becomes obvious
that neither person is to blame, they just do not share the same point of view....

Today's Wisdom:

"Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself"

Love Always Anna Anka

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Unconditional & Sacrificial LOVE

I'd like to start by revisiting this most notoriously misunderstood, misapplied and misappropriated notion we so freely refer to as "LOVE". What is it?
Well, for the purposes of this discussion, I'm compelled to begin by stating what LOVE isn't!
LOVE is not deceptive, unkind, impatient, angry, jealous, envious, proud or boastful, excuse for greed, unforgiving, disrespectful, having it your way,
self-serving, keeping track of what it's owed. 

We can all think of countless instances where we've exercised our "right" to violate the above principles. In other words, we have essentially developed the most widely sought after and coveted skill of practicing what's "WRONG".
We simply lack the capacity to resist the ever-present force of such a temptation. Why such depravity? Well, from the very beginning we were used as objects of deception and we the people officially sealed the deal with the devil. 

Unfortunate but true, we now find ourselves being governed by a natural tendency to compose and perform a most familiar tune: "me, me, me, meee!"
I will deceive to take what’s yours, existence is fueled by deceit.  Of course, everybody wants to believe and diligently defend his or her belief, which is clearly misguided, that the forgoing discourse simply doesn’t apply to them.

After all, that’s not who I am. "I’m a good person and I always try to do the right thing." Really?

Think again. 
In the Bible (the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth about how desperately we are in need of redemption) teaches us that no humankind on the face of this earth, past or present, is neither equipped nor possesses the innate quality to do what’s right! 

What a scathing and yet inescapable indictment. 

Wait…hold on a minute… there’s more. What does this mean concerning our relationships and the love that we’ve invested into the cultivation of those relationships?,

Well, it gets worse. If a coin is representative of this "so-called" love, we see kindness and patience as two sides of the same coin. However, as a result of our impaired vision, the impostors posing as kindness and patience are actually the eroding forces of temptation and deceit.  Never, ever forget the fact that we were tempted and deceived from the very beginning, and now stand as faithful instruments of seduction. 

The house (relationship) you built was unstable (foundation) and the substandard materials (content) you used rendered it unfit for habitation. 

LOVE cannot and will not dwell there, but LOVE will reside and abide where the essence of it presides.  

I hope is that this will provide you with just a bit of insight concerning the source of unconditional and sacrificial love.
Today's Wisdom:
"It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it :(
 Hear me when I say:  it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it ARRIVES!
Love Always Anna Anka

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Easter

I want to take this moment and  spread the spirit of Easter with these golden eggs :)
All of you deserve a very Happy Easter.
Maybe the Holiday is so great that it makes you feel like dancing :)
May the chocolate be as plentiful as the blessings and may the hugs be many!

Today's Wisdom:
" Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are symbol of  new life"

Love Always Anna Anka

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My latest interview :)

This was my questions and below read my answers :)

Anna Anka why did you participate in your new show "Sa blev vi svenska Hollywood Fruar?
How has your life changed since your last appearance in "Svensk Hollywood Fruar 2009"?
Why did you decide to share so much of your life with the public?
How is your life in Hollywood now?
What is the best thing by living in Hollywood?
You are so beautiful and very fit, what is your secret?
How is it to be in a custody battle?
What's the worst thing by being famous?
What's the best thing by being famous?

- Livet mitt var fylt med usikkerhet og redsel
Anna Anka mener kjendistilværelsen er som et fengsel. Les Side2s intervju med henne her!

Millioner av mennesker har feil oppfatning av meg. Jeg gikk inn i kjendislivet uten å vite hvem jeg er. For meg er det som et fengsel - jeg er alltid under det offentlige mikroskopet og gjenstand for skandaler, rykter og sjalusi, sier Anna Anka, til Side2

Alle mennesker har tre liv; et offentlig, et privat og et hemmelig. For meg er det viktig å vise verden hvem jeg virkelig er. Tro meg; jeg prøver virkelig hardt for ikke å avsløre detaljer ved ethvert aspekt av mitt liv, men jeg vil heller ikke portrettere meg selv til å være noe jeg ikke er, sier Anna, som i programmet forteller både om sitt tidligere liv som ung modell, samt om tingenes tilstand de siste årene.
- I årevis har måttet takle feilinformasjon fra pressen. Innholdet i budskapet forandres fordi det ligger i den menneskelige natur å lytte med halvt øre og legge til sin egen mening. Jeg vet mine programmer blir pakket ut og plukket fra hverandre, slik at segmenter høres mer slibrig ut enn de er. Men når folk ser eller leser mine historier i sin helhet, så kan de danne seg sin egen mening, sier Anna

En sunn familie er det eneste jeg har ønsket meg. Jeg trodde aldri at det kunne bli tatt bort så metodisk. Jeg har hørt hundrevis av historier fra foreldre som har opplevd hvilken terror det er å bli fremmedgjort fra sine barn. Det er nesten utenkelig i et progressivt land som vårt at slik oppførsel eksisterer, sier Anna

 Tidligere i år brøt Anna sammen i tårer under et intervju på Svenske Kanal 5. I programmet «Hissen» blir kjendiser intervjuet i en heis, og da samtalen kom inn på hennes kamp om foreldreretten til barna klarte hun ikke å holde tårene tilbake. Til programlederne fortalte hun hvordan hennes eksmenn prøver å knekke henne, blant annet ved å samarbeide om å ta fra henne foreldreretten.

- Å lage barn sammen er virkelige en av få mirakler som de fleste av oss har mulighet til å oppleve. Enhver forelder vil forstå at det er hjerteskjærende når et barn blir brukt som et redskap. Det som virkelig går innpå meg er at alt er så unødvendige. Jeg kan ikke forstå, som forelder, at du kan tro at ditt barn bare skal være med en av foreldrene, sier Anna, til Side2

Til tross for at livet ikke alltid er en dans på roser legger ikke Anna skjul på at hun elsker livet i Hollywood, og at hun er takknemlig for at hun kan kalle Tinzeltown sitt hjem.

Nå streber hun etter å leve et liv der hun er tro mot seg selv.

- Jeg kom til et veiskille i livet mitt. Livet mitt var fylt med usikkerhet og redsel og mange styrte meg med skremsel, både mentalt og emosjonelt. Mine verdier og trosystemer og essensen av hvem jeg var forsvant i andre folks definisjon av meg, sier Anna.

- Jeg levde etter hva jeg trodde andre ville jeg skulle gjøre, og hva jeg ble fortalt at de ville jeg skulle gjøre. Jeg innså at jeg måtte gjøre det beste ut livet for meg selv, fordi jeg fortjener det. Min leveregel ble; lev autentisk, fortsetter hun. 

 Den spreke 41-åringen har tidligere jobbet som personlig trener, og det ser ikke ut til at blondinen har glemt sine gamle kunster - noe hennes misunnelsesverdige figur vitner om.
- Å ha god helse er en av de viktigste tingene i livet mitt. Det er et valg jeg tok for lenge siden, forklarer Anna.

- Men hva gjør noen vakker?

- Det handler om å ha selvtillit, intellekt, personlighet og sjel. Det er alltid en refleksjon av din indre skjønnhet. Hemmeligheten er at jeg er glad og elsker meg selv og andre. Mitt ønske er at jeg en dag så vil være i stand til å hjelpe andre med å oppnå det samme målet, sier Anna, som til tross for å møte mange utfordringer, liker livet i rampelyset.

- Berømmelse er stort og et veldig synlig tegn på profesjonell suksess. Det er nøkkelen til den gode siden av livets fløyelsbånd. For dem som vinner det, vil samfunnet skjenke dem rikdom, makt, tilgang, anerkjennelse og andre verktøy for å leve et ekstraordinært liv, avslutter Hollywoodfruen

Today's Wisdom:

" In journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right!"

Love Always Anna Anka    


Friday, March 1, 2013


Here are one of my favorites for Easter :)

 This is so me!
Oeuf Cadeau                               

Fine Jewellery Egg Pendants

A gift of a jeweled miniature egg pendant from the House of Fabergé was one of the most treasured objects of desire in turn of the century Russia, a prized present for Easter, birthdays or name days. This egg pendant in Les Favorites de Fabergé celebrates Fabergé’s art of giving: the perfect polished rose gold egg is tied with an exuberant ribbon of diamonds and fastened with a bow.

This piece is set in 18 carat rose gold and platinum and features white round diamonds. The egg pendant is 22mm in height.  

Todays" Wisdom:

" Elegance is an attitude, Elegance like all magnificent things,

it's very simple"

Love Always Anna Anka